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Why is the powder silo of the regenerated color laser printer easy to leak

The structure of color laser printer carbon powder is very different from that of black carbon powder. The process of making Aftermarket color carbon powder is mainly chemical synthesis, and the additive of color part is extracted from chemical dyes, so it has strong corrosiveness. This is why the scrapers in the color powder bin are metal, not the resin scrapers we often see. After a period of use, the magnetic rollers and scrapers of the powder silo are corroded to a certain extent, resulting in the carbon powder on the magnetic roll can not be completely cleaned and scattered in the printer. This phenomenon will also have similar problems even in the powder silo of OEM.
On the other hand, if the regenerated color powder bin does not follow the correct method, it also becomes a cause of powder leakage. Therefore, the correct regeneration method and timely replacement of relevant accessories can completely solve the above problems.

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